Jeannette Burrows CMT

Therapeutic Massage 
Craniosacral - Acupressure - Reiki - Neuromuscular
Humans - Horses - Dogs

 Horses have been in my heart all of my life and at age thirteen I was fortunate to be under the guidance of an amazing mentor Alice Bonneville. She taught me to muck, groom, ride, show, school and train horses. I learned about nutrition, noxious plant identification, herbal remedies and how to work with injured horses that came to her place for lay-ups, horsemanship played a key role in my education. 

Patients and a deep respect for how pain makes a horse react are all pieces of knowledge I bring to each horse I touch today.

When going through massage school I knew that horses would be a big part of my work and with support from my instructor, I did many outside sessions with horses and mules, adding what ever I learned in school to the horse sessions.

Each session starts with an assessment taking into consideration what I see through postural analysis and any restrictions I may find. This allows me to create a treatment that best meets your horses needs returning them back to work or play as soon as possible.

Homework for the owner or trainer is taught during the session if needed or wanted and may also include herbal remedies, poultice, clay or a variety of natural remedies.

I work with all disciplines of riding and look forward to working with you and your horse.