Jeannette Burrows CMT

Therapeutic Massage 
Craniosacral - Acupressure - Reiki - Neuromuscular
Humans - Horses - Dogs

Each individual comes to bodywork with their own special needs, whether it's from discomfort, dysfunction, acute or chronic pain my goal is to help free your body of any restrictions, decrease or eliminate pain and give you the tools you need to  better manage the quality of your life.

Every session starts with an assessment taking into consideration what I see through postural  analysis, and any restrictions I may find in soft tissue, tendons, ligaments, muscles, joint function and structural alignment. This allows me to create a session focusing on your body's highest needs at the time. Bringing you better or back to full range of motion.

You may be given homework that helps you to maintain the session or takes you to the next level of healing.

I look forward to working with you.