Jeannette Burrows CMT

Therapeutic Massage 
Craniosacral - Acupressure - Reiki - Neuromuscular
Humans - Horses - Dogs

Acupressure- Accessing the body's energy system by stimulating or sedating along the energy channels or at specific points, this in turn balances, restores, and protects the body.

Applied Kinesiology - Commonly called muscle testing as it uses the response of the muscle to determine a positive or negative reaction. Used as a guide for nutrition, supplements, remedies, dosages, and accessing all of the body systems.

Craniosacral- Working with the rhythm of the dura to open pathways for the body to return to it's correct seated position, freeing or reducing the body of pain.

Herbal - Custom blended recipes are muscle tested for each individual or animal.

Neuromuscular - Stimulating the nerves or nerve in a muscle to control or isolate the movement and to open the nerve line.

Reiki - Energy work to heal the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual body as passed down by Dr. Usui.

Therapeutic Massage- Specialized work for injuries or after surgery to regain strength, mobility, and flexibility.

Thai Massage - Compression work along the energy lines of the body with hands, feet, elbows, and knees.