Jeannette Burrows CMT

Therapeutic Massage 
Craniosacral - Acupressure - Reiki - Neuromuscular
Humans - Horses - Dogs

Customer Testimonials


"I have known and worked with Jeannette Burrows for over 10 years. She has provided a wealth of knowledge and support to me as an individual and to my growth as an equine professional.  Through her instruction I have a clear understanding of what it means to ride a horse from the inside out."

                                                                     Ariane Rezvani, Owner Silver Cup Training



"Jeannette Burrows is one of if not the most knowledgeable practitioners and teachers regarding the human body and its anatomy as well as animals."

"I was simply blown away by Jeannette's ability to zero in on the problem(s), discern what needs to be done and then provide a strategy(s) to help maintain and manage whatever the aliment may be."

                           Curtis Williams, Certified Humanistic Astrologer & Reiki Practitioner



Thank you for your generous donation of Massage Therapy Classes. We could not possibly meet the needs of our rescued horses without your support. It has made it possible for us to fulfill our mission of rescuing abused, neglected, and abandoned horses and also providing community outreach programs to prevent further abuse of horses and ponies everywhere.

                                                        Mark Sindel, President Redwings Horse Sanctuary



Jeannette is one of the most authentic healers I know, she has helped me emotionally, physically and spiritually more times then I can count. She has a wonderful gift of touch and intuitive insight.

I would tell anyone who is looking for the real God given gift of a healer to get a session with Jeannette. 

                                                                                   Patty Hatten, Spiritual Counselor 


Jeannette has been my massage " go to" for a very long time. She gives the best massage, bar none, of anyone I have ever seen. She knows just where the most help is needed without my direction . 

She has also worked on the mule I'm riding in this photo, and has the same touch with animals as humans. She's the best.

                                                                                    Sharon Mansker, Paso Robles, CA.

Working with Jeannette has not only been a pleasure and an amazing experience, she has been a lifesaver for my horse. I can't even begin to explain the relief I felt during her first visit. She not only confirmed my concerns, but centered right in the area I felt had been causing Dani's pain.Working with Jeannette has been a true blessing. She has taught me to give my horse continual body support and care, relieving pain , allowing my horse to be comfortable.

Today I am happily back to riding my mare and it's a joy to see her happy and content. I consider Jeannette to be one of my "Horse Angels". She gave me my horse back! For that I will forever be grateful.

                                                                                           Lynne Nagahara, Creston, CA.


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